Yoga Instructors/ Therapists


Simin is the principal yoga teacher and owner of Atman Yoga.
She is a qualified Level 2 Yoga Teacher (500hrs) graduated with My Health Yoga, Australia and is registered with MHA Australia.
She has been practising yoga for over 6 years now and has gained her skills and knowledge from both, self practice and greatly inspiring teachings from some of the best yoga teachers in Brisbane, and has been teaching since March 2012. Having her ethnic roots in India, you will experience traditional teaching methods in her classes. Simin's guidance journeys you through your mind and body giving you space to find your own inner growth as a practising Yogi.

She also offers Yoga Massage Therapy at the studio, so you can book in for this great method of massage that uses body movement and pressure points to relieve physical and emotional stress and relieve joint aches.

Apart from being a Yoga Teacher Simin holds a Masters in Graphic Design and is also a passionate Textile Artist.

Chris Lloyd

Chris has been involved in yoga for a few years now. She is a very inspiring woman who takes on cycling and skiing just as seriously and with as much zeal as she does yoga. Chris is our back up teacher when we need someone to cover classes as she has moved to semi retirement.

She absolutely enjoys each and every class she teaches!!

Chris has gained her qualifications of Lev 1 &2 Yoga Teacher from Byron Yoga School.

She will motivate you and even push you.... within your limits sometimes!!!

Chris also teaches at the New Farm Community Centre 3 times a week and every Friday at the Brisbane Relaxation Centre.

Tracy Ambler

With a background in Marketing, Tourism and Events and as a mother of three, Tracy initially chose Yoga out of a desire to make time for herself to exercise.  What she found in yoga, was space to breathe.

Tracy has been dedicated to the development of her yoga practice for the last three and a half years during which time she witnessed a change in her physical body, her mind and her life overall.  Tracy was drawn to teaching because she had such passion as a student.  The more she learned, the stronger the desire to learn and the growing need within to integrate yoga into her life.  Tracy has been a student at Atman Yoga Studio for a whole year and has been mentored by Simin while she undertook her teacher training.  Tracy trained with My Health Yoga and is a qualified Level 1 Yoga Teacher (350hrs).

Tracy’s classes are designed to build strength, flexibility, and balance with an emphasis on correct alignment and connection to the breath.  Her classes will align you physically, mentally and emotionally and teach you techniques to ground yourself against the challenges of everyday life.

What our beautiful Yogis have to say about us....

-A beautiful created Yoga studio that can always provide a great start to the day or a wind down in the evening. My yoga practice has grown so much since starting here and continues to build with the variety and challenges that is always provided. Thank you Simin, Chris and Tracy for sharing your extensive knowledge and providing such a welcoming space for us all to enjoy on our yoga journey's


- I am 58 years old and have been a nurse for the past forty years. I was introduced to yoga by my sons partner in January 2014. I had never done yoga before but was interested in trying something new at the time. So I went for my first yoga lesson with Simin, along with my son and his partner. I have not missed a session for twenty months now and attend classes twice a week. I participate in general yoga on a Monday and meditation on a Thursday.

One interesting outcome I have found in my journey through yoga lies in my bone density. Three years ago I had a bone density that was in the normal range for my age group. However, in May 2015 I went for another bone density scan and to my doctors surprise my bone density had improved dramatically, in my spine and hips. When I read the report I was shocked with the difference and progress I had made in my bone density within the three year period. I truly believe yoga has played a massive role in improving my bone density as that is the only major change I have made in my lifestyle within the past three years. I've also found that I no longer suffer with pain in my back and hips like I used to after a long day on my feet nursing. Thank you Simin for all your help and guidance with my yoga.

Julie M.

-Went for my first session today and absolutely loved it. Great energy and thorough teaching. I went in a bit stressed and walked out floating on yoga energy.


-Simin brings a classical sensibiltiy to a gentle, challenging western practice. Her descriptions are clear and if you are mindful, will encourage your yoga to deeper levels as you develop.

Jan Carol