Children's Yoga

Let your child experience the benefits of yoga at an early age!
Yoga is a practice that most children adapt to with ease. It is a great way to give children space to grow from within as an individual, by cultivating a sense of self.

Yoga improves the child’s flexibility, core strength and brings about a strong sense of body awareness. Also forms healthy eating habbits by promoting mindful eating.


Yoga helps to counter the pressures children experience at school, home and socially and helps manage anxiety, giving them the tools of self help.

Yoga gives the child a sense of compassion, consideration, respect and appreciation for the world around them.

Yoga is non competitive and teaches every child to be non judgemental in their practice, attracting more often the children who are less physically inclined towards fitness.

Yoga has also proved successful in increasing memory and creating a sense of calm in hyperactive children.

Yoga does not discriminate any physical ability.

Everyone can do yoga!!!

Please refer to class timetable for Kid's Yoga