Yoga In Your Business

 Yoga increases your body and mind’s efficiency to cope with stress and brings balance to everyday life.

“At it's heart, yoga preaches the virtues of accountability, focus, stillness of mind, calmness & dedication — all practices espoused by and even necessary for business success in an era of corporate social responsibility.

Yoga's physical benefits are undeniable, and many in the corporate world have embraced it's practice as a way to unwind and relax from work day stress.”(CPA Australia 2008 Yoga and business)

Yoga Benefits for the Business

  • Healthy, happy and more productive employees.
  • Less stress in the workplace which leads to reduced absenteeism.
  • Promotion of mindfulness in communication.
  • Proactive step towards Australian OHS requirements to “provide a healthy and safe working environment.”
  • Creating a sustainable environment for employees as their wellbeing plays an integral part in making the business a success.

Yoga Benefits for the Employee

Yoga is used to relax and enhance your wellbeing with meditation and breathing techniques along with postures (asanas) to stay toned, lose weight and free yourself from physical ailments and disomfort.

  • Improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength, stamina and lowers body fat.
  • Reduces stress and tension.
  • Boosts self esteem.
  • Improves concentration and creativity.
  • Improves circulation and stimulates the immune system.
  • Creates a sense of well being and calm.
  • Promotes healthy eating as cravings are overcome.

Quite often people are drawn to yoga to address particular health ailments; most commonly, stress, depression, anxiety, back & neck and knee problems. It is ideal that we use yoga in the prevention of such aliments, but a recent RMIT and Yoga in Australia study found that of those surveyed;“96 percent of people found their condition improved by yoga”,that is remarkable!

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