atman (pronounced as aat-munn)  Meaning: 'Your higher self, Soul self, your true self'

Our Yoga philosophy

Atmanyoga was started in 2012 with a view to deliver yoga instruction keeping in mind the ancient traditions of it being a health science. Yoga goes back to ancient times, with it's roots in India. At our studio you will experience yoga in it's traditional form.

Today many perceive yoga and practice it with the focus on it being a physical body workout and how far you can push yourself in each pose, what pretzel shaped twist you can get into and how much better you are than the person next to you; contradictory to its origin of being a complete health science. Yoga is about yourself, about going inwards and being yourself without any judgement, about letting go of the influences of the outside world!

Yoga is not a competitive sport!!!

At Atmanyoga, we focus on the more holistic approach to yoga. This includes breath work(pranayama), postures (asanas) and also metaphysical guidance throughout the practice. Your practice is taught with various benefits of poses and breath work, which work to heal the physical body internally and help with emotional well being as well.

Your mind, body and breath are guided through the practice with your own individual abilities and through this process your physical body also benefits with toned muscles, weight loss and a great feeling of lightness in your mind, body and soul.

Yoga is for everyone!

There is nothing to stop you from practicing yoga!

There are countless benefits to practicing yoga. Experience  these benefits as you walk the path of Yoga and journey towards your 'atman'.

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