I'm not flexible, I can't even touch my toes! Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

Flexibility in the body is a common concern for many people who have never practiced yoga. Don't worry if you can't touch your toes, that's not what yoga is about. Sure there is some stretching involved, but never beyond what is harmful to the individuals body.

What is important is the cultivation of mindfulness in the movements we do. Variations are always given to those less flexible ones, but the great thing about yoga is it actually acts as an aid to assist you to become flexible, if you never practice yoga, its unlikely you will ever become flexible.


What do I wear?

Cotton fitted clothing is recommended for yoga class attendees. Don't worry guys, you can just wear a pair of long shorts if leggings seem all a bit much! No socks in yoga either just so your feet wont slide on the mat and assists with stability in poses.

Do I need experience?
No experience is required as our classes are suitable for all levels of yogis, even beginners. Of course there will always be classes of mixed abilities, but those more experienced will be provided with advanced options for individual poses where appropriate.

Do I need any special yoga gear?
All that is required for our classes is a sticky yoga mat. We provide mats and props. Of course if you already own your own mat you are welcome to use that.

They have yoga at the gym, couldn't I just go there?
Classes at atmanyoga are small in numbers (10-15), therefore we are able to give more attention to the individual. You will benefit from a more personalised style of teaching.

Is yoga religious? I am not really interested in Spirituality.
No, yoga is not a religion, it's a practice and an ancient science of complete health and fitness and can lead to a lifestyle. There are spiritual underpinnings in the yoga teachings (sutras), but individuals can choose to learn about these teachings as they see fit.


I am pregnant. Can I still do yoga?

You will need to inform us of your pregnancy. Yes, you can still do yoga and you will be guided with different variations in the class. Being pregnant does not mean you are unable to attend a general class. As pregnant woman you are able to do 90% of the poses taught in a class.