Updated: Apr 23, 2020

It’s that time again ! Let’s talk periods ! I thought I’d talk about where I’m at right now. We want to try and sync up with the flow of the moon right ? But what if we can’t ? That’s where I’m sitting right now. Sitting her going why can’t I follow the phase of the moon and even tho I’m gazing up at that big Mumma Luna why is this not changing. I researched and learnt that sometimes we bleed at different phases of the moon and it’s bexause our bodies are telling us something. We need to shed right now. Where your at with yourself, emotionally, physically and spiritually, we are here for a reason. We are letting go because we need to. Right now the moon is in warning. And it’s my time to shed and release. If you bleed during a waning moon, you're being called to tend to the blooms and any manifestations of the previous full moon that you have set for yourself or come to realise. It is important to open up and receive during your bleed time ( if you didn't know already, you're a divination rod for SHE when you bleed) to help you get geeky with the details- this is your time to really stabilise and solidify already existing plans hopes and dreams. To verify knowledge that will help to develop plans and future projects. Let go and accept when it’s time for you to shed. So it can be time to bloom. 🌸🌸🌸 #floweruterus #loveyourflow#shed #womeninpower

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