Tell me about your journey?

What journey are you currently on with your cycle ? My journey is trying to sync back up with the moon since coming off the pill. From my previous post about our uterus energy I spoke about how our monthly bleed can replicate the cycle of the moon. Centuries ago they only way women in tribes could know when it was their time to bleed was by moon gazing. I have been gazing at our lunar Mother every night now with the intention that my cycle will find its way back to our mother moon. Our female glowing goddess high within the sky. If you are struggling to know where you sit with your cycle start gazing at the moon and just start paying attention. I’m curious to know where everyone else is with their journey ! Comment or DM me and let’s talk ❤️🌸 #mooncycle #womenempowerment#menstrual #womenshealth#moongazing

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