Recently I have been having this self discussion and self discovery about my menstrual health and my cycle. I was recently on the pill for 5 years and only being 21 looking back now I can see how awlful it is for our bodies. But what I have become aware of more and more is the way us young females are told that our periods are disgusting. That we shouldn’t talk about them, that we are dirty. I’m feeling really drawn lately to open up my BIG UTERUS ENERGY and share to the world and community how we can make this journey better for our youth and for ourselves. Coming back to the ancient teachings of our bodies and grounding back to the earth. Letting our cycle flow at a natural rhythm. Learning that our menstrual cycle connects us to that empowering female and masculine energy. It’s what makes us strong and it’s what makes us women. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more in this. About tips and personal stories. I would love to hear yours ! If you are open to sharing DM me and I’ll put it as a post or even just feel free to share so we can start a conversation on this. That’s where it all start right ? ✨🙏 #menstrualcycle#biguterusenergy #motherearth#grounding #removethestigma#letstalk

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